Monday, September 22, 2008

Chapter 3.

"Stephanie..." Romeo said looking over at his father. "Yeah?" she asked with a sigh, she could never understand why people listened to her fathers music...and liked it. "Why Jake over there?" he asked pointing to the wall.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Chapter 2

"Daddy can we stop and get candy?" Romeo asked Jon from the backseat. "Maybe later okay kiddo?" Jon said looking at Romeo through the rearview mirror. "but were hungry!" Jake told his father. "how hungry are ye?" Jon asked Jake giving glances back to them. Jake and Romeo looked at each other and mumbled to each other for a minute. "very" Jake replied "lots" Romeo told him. Jon saw a McDonalds. "Okay once we pick of Stephanie we'll go to McDonalds how about that?" Jon said as if he was making a deal. "McDonalds!" Jake and Romeo both shouted.

When they got to Stephanie's school to pick her up Jon saw a boy trying to chat her up. Jon watched her for a few minutes. After about five minutes Jon said "Jakey go get your sister I don't she saw us here..." Jake got out of the car and ran over to Stephanie. Stephanie walked over quickly. "Hi Stephanie!" Romeo said dlighted to see his big sister. "hey meo" Stephanie said smiling back to Romeo. Stephanie looked over at the guy and then looked at Jon. "Dad can we go now...please?" Stephanie asked Jon. "uh yeah sure" Jon said starting the engine. "McDonalds now daddy!" Romeo informed Jon. *shit we gotta pick up the dry cleaning and stuff too maybe i'll ask Steph to mind Jake and Romeo while I get the stuff done for Dot* Jon thought.

Five minutes later they pulled up outside McDonalds. Jon put on his shades and baseball cap. "Okay c'mon" Jon said getting out of the car. "one minute dad!" Jake called from the back seat. Jon looked at Jake, who was putting on a baseball cap and shades. "okay ready!" Jake said trying to open the door, it wouldn't open for him. "this side lil dude" Jon said making sure Romeo wasn't going to run out onto the road. When jake got out he saw Jon had his hands in his pockets, so he did the same. Just then Jon saw Romeo starting to run. "go hold Steph's hand" Jon said to Jake, then Jon ran after Romeo. Romeo looked back and saw Jon coming after him, he giggled and kept running. Jon saw he was running for the door of McDonalds so he let him run, but Jon kept running after him. "dad..." Stephanie called Jon turned around "yeah hun?" Stephanie looked over at these two people with Bon Jovi t-shirts on and were walking over. "Steph you take Romeo and Jake as far as the bench there" Jon said pointing to a bench which had a table too. Stephanie did as her father told her.

Chapter 1

Jon Bon Jovi had just finished The Lost Highway tour and was exhausted. As he lay on his bed he tried to think of a way he could make up it up to his two eldest kids Stephanie and Jesse, for missing their birthdays. "I could take them on a vacation..." Jon said to himself.
He looked at his open bedroom door and saw his wife going past, "Dorothea!" Jon called after her. Dot turned around to see Jon running to her. "yeah Jon?" Dorothea said looking at her watch.

Jon picked her up and brought her back to their bedroom and put her down on the bed. "No Jon I can't right now babe, I gotta pick Stephanie up from softball practise, and then I gotta pick up the dry cleaning, and then..." Dorothea began but Jon interupted her by kissing her. "that's all I wanted." Jon said slightly bending his head and smiling. " you picked me up ran into the bedroom..SHUT THE DOOR...threw me onto the bed..just for a kiss?" she said smiling. *Why did she have to smile at me?* Jon thought *she knows I can't lie to her when she smiles...* "okay I MAY have wanted to have sex, but you know your busy so I said I'd settle for a know we havn't had sex since our winter vacation in St.Barts this year? that was 7 months ago." Jon said with puppy dog eyes. "I gotta go Jon, Steph will be waiting..." she said giving him a kiss and going out of the room.

When she left Jon sqinched up his eyes and lay back on the bed. "damn Dot's been so busy lately with the kids and shit...maybe i'll make her go to the spa...right now i'll make her go right now!" Jon said getting up and running out of their bedroom. "Dorothea" Jon shouted running down the stairs. When he got to the bottom of the stairs he slipped and fell onto his back. "JON! are you okay??!" Dorothea asked rushing over to him. "yeah yeah yeah I'm fine..uh i'll go get Steph for you and i'll get the dry cleaning and everything else you need to do..i'll do it for you. You just go down to the spa place thing, and..." Jon said getting out his wallet and handing her his credit card "enjoy. "Jon..are you sure? because there's about a million things to do.." "I'm positive. Just give me a list of what to do and you go enjoy yourself and don't come back til your overly relaxed!" Jon said with a laugh in his voice. "Okay..." Dorothea said grabbing a piece of paper and pen and writing down what to do. She handed it to him, "okay now go upstairs get changed and go tp the a few friends to go with you...if you like." Jon said pointing up the stairs. Dorothea kissed him and went upstairs. Jon smiled.

Just the the house phone rang. Jon turned around to answer it and heard Jake and Romeo both say "i'll answer it!" "no i'll answer it!" Jon went into the kitchen to where his sons were fighting over the ringing phone. At that moment he knew he was home, he was finished being a rockstar for now, he was now dad. Jon smiled to him self. "Okay hold it guys. Someone's gotta answer it and whoever gets over to it first can answer it, Jon said putting it on the table behind him. Jake and Romeo looked at each other. Then ran. Romeo got the phone. "Hello?" he answered "yeah daddy's here I put you onto him." Romeo said running up to Jon. "who is it?" Jon whispered. "Stephanie" Romeo said giving him the phone and running out of the kitchen and down the hall. *oh shit I'm meant to pick Steph up* "Hey Steph i'll be there in 10 minutes" Jon said apologeticly "alright..wait I thought mom was picking me up?" Stephanie asked him. "No I sent her to the i'm picking you up and i'll be there in 10 minutes" Jon informed her. "Okay then cya" Stephanie said haning her cell phone up. "bye" Jon said to the phone, he knew stephanie had hung up but he just didn't feel right without saying bye to her.

Jon grabed his car keys and ran out of the house. He got as far as his car when he remembered his sons. "oh shit." He said running back to the house. "ROMEO..JAKEY C'MON WERE GOING OUT!" Jon shouted. Romeo and Jake poked their heads out of the living room. "where?" Jake asked "out now c'mon" Jon said picking Romeo up and grabbing Jake's hand. Jon settled them into the car, and then got in himself.